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Terms and Conditions

  1. Prices
  2. Delivery & Freight
  3. Payment
  4. Warranty
  5. Returning
  6. Product liability




The prices quoted in the offer/order confirmations are in GBP excl. VAT, freight, packaging, customs duties and other charges. Prices are subject to price adjustments in the form of currency changes and material increases.


Delivery & Freight

Delivery time is 1-3 days if the item is in stock. If the item is not in stock, a later delivery time will be specified in the order confirmation. Subject to availability and delayed delivery from supplier to Shop . Delivery is with Interlink / DPD according to EXW (Ex Works).



Payment methods are by pro-forma invoice on 1st order, and invoice date + 10 days. 

It will also be possible to use  VISA, Mastercard payment or other agreements can be made (applies only for business customers).



When the product is returned and withdrawal (only private), this can only occur if the product is returned in the same condition and quantity as received. Continued Performance lapses. For allowance claims will be void if the item is used, where it is quite obvious that the use reduces the selling price significantly


1 year warranty is provided on products purchased from Ultrafilter G.Britain Ltd all sales are with business rules. If the product against expectations break during the warranty period, we must be contacted and we will decide whether it should be sent to us and if we will repair it free of charge at our own or the manufacturer's workshop.


Damage to the product caused by operating errors, handling errors, modifications or gross misuse by the user are not covered by the warranty. To the extent Ultrafilter G.Britain Ltd might be liable, the liability is limited to the direct losses and therefore do not include indirect losses such as lost wages, transport costs, losses, installation costs, etc.



All products returned to Ultrafilter G.Britain Ltd must be securely wrapped. Ultrafilter G.Britain Ltd recommend that the product is returned via Interlink / DPD, and the product is sent as a package. It set off a charge of 15% of price on the product.


Product liability

Ultrafilter G.Britain Ltd can only be held liable for damage that occurred on the goods or services provided by us, if it can be proved that the damage resulted from an error made by Ultrafilter G.Britain Ltd including our employees. Ultrafilter G.Britain Ltd is not responsible for loss of profits or other consequential losses incurred by purchaser or third parties. To the extent that we may incur liability to third parties, the customer is obligated to keep Ultrafilter G.Britain Ltd harm free.