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Vent filter


Billede: 1755

Ultra-vent cartridges are manufactured by means of a highly hydrophobic ePTFE membrane and is designed to autoclave venting.


The improved ePTFE membrane provides exceptionally high gas flow at low pressure differences.


Ultra-vent cartridges are designed with a ½ "BSP for autoclave and small tank venting applications.

The hydrophobic properties of the ePTFE membrane makes Ultra-vent filter cartridge particularly suitable for rapid vacuum break in the autoclaves.


Cartridge dimensions (nominal)
Diameter: 70mm (2,8")
Length: 127mm (5"), 64mm (2,5")



Ultra-Vent F 0,10 µm 3" 260 l/min
Ultra-Vent F 0,10 µm 3" 260 l/min
Item no:UV30PTFEF01
GBP 68,00GBP 68,00
Ultra-vent - 0,20 µm 2,5" - PTFE
Ultra-vent - 0,20 µm 2,5" - PTFE
Item no:E-F20VENT2.5B
GBP 133,00GBP 133,00


Gas flow rates


Typically clean air flow:

A 5" Ultra-vent cartridge exhibits flow-AP characteristics below.


Billede: 1762