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Tank Filter is used to ensure 100% sterility in the storage of pharmaceutical products, chemicals, food or fermenerts.


Type Connection  Filter



DN 32 - DN 200

Dybdefilter med stålkappe

0,2 my




0,1 / 0,2 my 

Tank åndingsfilter


Desicant filter

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P-BE filter
Sterile tank filter is a P-BE filter housing with a P-BE filter element.
The filter is used to ensure 100% sterility during storage of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food or fermentation.
The two-part filter housing has a user-friendly design and "splash protection" that prevents liquids from coming into contact with the filter media.
P-BE filter element is a wound depth filter having inner and outer shield and end caps made of stainless steel in the 304 option is 316
Vent Filter
Sterile Vent Filter cartridges are designed with a ½ "BSP for autoclave and a small tank ventilation and extraction.
The hydrophobic properties of the ePTFE membrane makes Ventafil filter cartridge particularly suitable for sterilization in an autoclave.
Tank åndingsfilter
When you want to empty a container / tank and will want to keep this free of water and water vapor, one may use a tank having åndingsfilter with a filling of decicant capable of removing water from the air.