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Sterile Air & Steam

Billede: 2428

All our sterile filters are FDA / EC validated and approved. "Sterile" means "free of microorganisms that are capable of reproducing itself".

A more scientific definitions of sterile is that a filter is defined as "sterilizing filter", when exposed to a concentration of 107 microorganisms (Brevundimonas diminuta) per. cm2 filter area and the filtrate is 100% sterile and therefore not containing microorganisms. Bacteria, for example. Coli and streptococci, have a size of typically between 0.3 microns and 9 microns, resulting in that the sterile filter has a Filtration of 0.2 microns or better.


P-SMF is a prefilter used to protect the P-SRF / PTFE sterile filter.


P-SRF is sterile filter using depth filtration to achieve an absolute retention rate of 99,99998% related to 0,01 µm.


PF-PT is a sterile membrane filter used in the most critical applications.


P-GS steam filter is used to sterilize steam and can also be used for "in place" regeneration of sterile elements.


P-BE & Ultra-Vent are vent filters for receivers. The main difference is that Ultra-Vent is a "one time use" filter whereas the P-BE can be regenerated.




All our sterile filter from Ultrafilter has been validated by both the FDA and EC-1935/2004. These particularly effective and fine filters can remove bacteria down to 0.2 microns, both as a depth, absolute, membrane filters, and in many different variations. Billede: 1445    Billede: 1445



Depth Filter

There is depicted in sterile filtration technique between two types of filter: the depth filter (P-SRF) and membrane filter (Fleurofil, Chemifil).
A depth filter typically consists of multiple layers of metallic, polymeric or inorganic material - typically used a variety of silicon, called borosillicat. This type of filter is distinguished by a high filtration capacity and high degree of stability during use and sterilization. This type of filter is about 99.9999% effective compared to a give micron size.


Membrane Filter

And a membrane filter is made of polymeric plastic film - typically polypropylene, these filters have less filtering capacity but this can be guaranteed an almost 100% retention rate and is available in several filtering degrees 0.1, 0.2, 0.45) microns.
For the food industry recommended depth filter for use in the pharmaceutical industry recommended membrane filter both filter used and installed close to the "point of use".
It is recommended that installed a centrally desiccant dryer as well as micro and charcoal filters before sterile filters.
A sterile filter must also be maintained should be sterilized after after use and before use.
A sterile filter can be sterilized either in-line with steam or autoclave. It is recommended to sterilize a sterile filter after every production batch or at least after 14 days.
Sterilization temperature is between 110 ° C - 140 ° C, respectively for 30 and 10 min.
See instructions here