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General Purpose Membrane

General Purpose Membrane

Ultra-Mem PF-PES cartridges are suitable for the sub-micronic filtration of a wide range of process liquids, in applications where the characteristics of a naturally hydrophilic membrane are required.

Ultra-Mem PF-PES cartridges exploit the narrow pore size distribution and high void volume of the media to provide a choice of cartridges capable of meeting the requirements of most applications. Careful media selection ensures that Ultra-Mem PF-PES cartridges are also very suited to critical particle control down to 0.04 micron ratings. Ultra-Mem PF-PES cartridges offer high flux rates and low differential pressures, a feature common to polyethersulphone membranes.

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Ultra-Mem PF-PES cartridges benefit from the low non-specific protein binding characteristics of polyethersulphone membranes. They are also highly resistant to integrity failure caused by steam sterilisation and have excellent chemical compatibility characteristics. Furthermore, since they will not hydrolyse, Ultra-Mem PF-PES cartridges are ideal for use in ultra pure water supply systems (18MO.cm).

As a consequence Ultra-Mem PF-PES cartridges provide a combination of features and benefits not hitherto available from cartridges based on PVDF, nylon, mixed esters of cellulose or polysulphone membranes. They are suitable for applications ranging from sterile filtration, bioburden reduction and the clarification of a wide range of process liquids and end products.

Features and benefits

Careful media selection means that Ultra-Mem PF-PES cartridges are available to suit a wide range of process critical and general purpose applications.

Guaranteed microbial ratings

Ultra-Mem PF-PES cartridges are validated for bacterial removal according to HIMA guidelines and ASTM F838-05, with a log reduction value >7. They are therefore suitable for applications requiring sterilising grade filtration.

Low protein binding

Ultra-Mem PF-PES cartridges have excellent low protein binding characteristics, typically 10 times lower than nylon, 2 times lower than polysulphone and similar to PVDF.

Will not hydrolyse

Compared with other membranes such as nylon, the polyethersulphone membrane used in Ultra-Mem PF-PES cartridges is extremely resistant to hydrolysis. Capable of exposure in excess of 2 years, they are ideal for hot deionised water applications.

Excellent chemical compatibility

Resistant to many process chemicals, Ultra-Mem PF-PES cartridges are suitable for use in a wide range of process applications.

Cartridge integrity and low TOC levels

Each Ultra-Mem PF-PES module of every cartridge is individually integrity tested. Each complete filter cartridge is flushed with pure water which is inspected daily for pyrogens using the standard LAL test. When required, they can be pulse flushed with 18MO.cm pyrogen-free ultra-clean water.

Suitable for steam sterilising

Ultra-Mem PF-PES cartridges incorporating a stainless steel support ring can be subjected to steam sterilisation at 125°C (257°F) without loss of integrity.

Full traceability

All Ultra-Mem PF-PES cartridges are individually and batch identified with a unique serial number. Each Ultra-Mem PF-PES cartridge is supplied with a Certificate of Quality and an operating instruction leaflet.

Controlled manufacturing environment

Ultra-Mem PF-PES cartridges are manufactured in an ISO Cleanroom environment by fully gowned staff, minimising the risk of contamination.