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Membran Filter

A Membrane filter removes particles with an efficiency of 99,999999%, and is used for critical filtrations.

The products are made in clean environments according to the cGMP practice, this helps secure that the products meet the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical, veterinary- and medical industries.

PF-PES is our general-purpose membrane, that meets the requirements of most of the applications. This membrane has the biggest selection of filtration grades from 0,4µm to 1,2µm.

PF-PP cartridges offers a broad selection of chemical compatibility and fits the most demanding microfiltration applications. The cartridges can be used for filtration of aggressive chemical solutions, including acids, alkalis, solvents and caustics.

PF-BEV is a double layer membrane filter for wine and beer filtration.

PF-AQUA membrane filter is a single layer cartridge filter in a polyether sulfone developed specially for water filtration.

PF-NYL is a nylon cartridge useful for sub-micro filtration of a broad assortment of process liquids in applications.

Use the chart at the bottom of the page, to find the filter that suits your needs.

Filtration Rates 0,04 - 1,2 µm 0,1 - 0,2 µm 0,2 - 0,65 µm 0,2 - 0,45 µm 0,2 - 0,45 µm
Material Polyethersulphone Polypropylene Polyethersulphone Nylon Polyethersulphone
Maximum operating temperature 60°C 80°C 60°C 60°C 60°C
Food & Beverages

Our polymeric cartridge filters are made of FDA-approved materials carry CFR 21 figures for biological safety and construction materials meet USP Class VI-121 ° C plastic. Designed and manufactured for durability, our sterilizing grade polymeric filters fully validated provide retention of> 107 colony forming units per square centimeter of effective filtering as laid down in the PDA Technical Reports 26 and 40. All cartridges are FDA approved and meets all new EC regulations for food contact.

Cartridge Dimensions (Nominal)

Diameter: 70mm (2.8")  
Length: 1 module (Short): 125mm (5")
  1 modules: 254 mm (10")
    508 mm (20")
  2 modules: 792 mm (30")
    1016 mm (40")