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Absolute Filter

Plisseret Filter

A pleated filter cartridge is a surface filter with an efficiency of 99,99% It is often used as the last filter in the general industry and even the food and beverage industry.

The pleated filters use surface filtration with fixed pore sizes to obtain the high efficiency and low filtration grades.

Pleated filters are often delivered with a code 7 connection, that secure the elements with bayonet, which secures a non-bypass connection between the filter element and housing. As an alternative, we also deliver the Ultra-Pleat elements with a DOE connection.

If you have a filter house with another connection, we can deliver the filter elements with that connection as well. Contact us for further information!

Ultra-Pleat GP-M is a filter certified for food and beverages with a safe performance, high capacity with low differential pressure. GP-M is made from glass fibre.

Ultra-Pleat PP100 is a general-purpose filter, that can be used for almost any type of application. The Ultra-Pleat PP100 is made from polypropylene.

Ultra-Pleat PP-K is recommended for applications where there is a big difference between particle sizes, as an example this could be prefiltration. The PP-K filter element is made from polypropylene.

ModelUltra-Pleat PPGUltra-Pleat PPPUltra-Pleat GP-M
Filtrationrates 0,45 µm to 10 µm 0,5 µm to 40 µm 0,5 µm to 5 µm
Material Glass Fibre Polypropylene Glass Fibre
Maximum operating temperature 80°C 80°C 80°C
Food & Beverages

Cartridge Dimensions (Nominal)

Diameter: 70mm (2.8")  
Length: 1 module (Short): 125mm (5")
  1 modules: 254 mm (10")
    508 mm (20")
  2 modules: 792 mm (30")
    1016 mm (40")