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Billede: 2767 EU

3M CUNO Zeta Plus


ZetaPlus elements have a depth filter for foods, cosmetics, biological and pharmaceutical products.


The filter's particular composition of materials having a positive electronic charge, can remove bacteria, particulate matter, cell debris and submicron contaminants.


ZetaPlus C, CP, S and SP are produced by 21CFR approved materials and have also passed a "USP Class VI Biological reactivity" test.


All filter cartridges are ISO certified and labeled with an identification number for complete traceability.


The filter elements are also in an encapsulated form in several sizes (diameter 8 ", 12", 16 "). This prevents that one can get in contact with the particles, bacteria or the like that the filter has captured.


Our full range of ZetaPlus elements at the bottom of the page.






Billede: 1939




C & S Billede: 1940
CA / LA / SA Billede: 1940
LP Billede: 1940
HT Billede: 1940
U & UW Billede: 1940
ZA Billede: 1940
VR Billede: 1940
EC Billede: 1940
MHT Billede: 1940
EZP Billede: 1940
EXT SP Billede: 1940
EXT ZA Billede: 1940
HB Sheets Billede: 1940
1MDS Billede: 1940