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Billede: 2767 EU

3M Betafine XL (0,2 my)


Billede: 2462

Beta Fine XL-filter mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry because it has been tested and approved to remove particles of 0.2 microns with 99.99% certainty. Therefore, this 3M filter element is the safest choice for absolute filtration.

The filter element contains no resins or binders, all materials used in the manufacture of the filter is 21CFR approved for use in contact with food.
It is the advanced pleating technology that makes Beta Fine XL filter highly effective and even longer life than competitive products.

Fine beta XL filters are available in different lengths and with different connections so that they can fit into most types of filter housings.




Brand:Betafine XL Elements

3M Betafine XL, 0,20 µm 9¾" DOE

GBP 70,00
Item no:E-7000050543
Brand:Betafine XL Elements

3M Betafine XL - 0,20 µm 19½" DOE - XL19PP002DG

GBP 113,00
Item no:E-7000050569
Brand:Betafine XL Elements

3M Betafine XL - 0,20 µm 30" DOE - XL30PP002DC

GBP 183,00
Item no:E-7100025827