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About Us

Kronsbein Family
Ultrafilter Group

The ultrafilter group is a privately owned family company. Founded by Dipl. Ing. Dean Kronsbein in Germany, the group now serves the global filtration market with local presence throughout Europe.

With the help of our products from ultrafilter GmbH in Germany, world renowned, market leading companies have made ultrafilter GmbH their first choice for the Purification of compressed air, technical gases and liquids.
Our passion to manufacture superior and innovative products is the guarantee for cost effective and reliable filtration solutions.

Compressed air, we can offer many different kinds of compressed air filters that are compatible with compressed air systems of all brands. We also offer compressed air dryers, adsorption and membrane dryers in addition to auto drain compressors, compressed air tanks and oil-water separators. Additionally, we have a sterile, compressed air filter for food and beverage applications.

Liquid filtration, we offer all kinds of filters for liquids such as bag filters, absolute filters and membrane filters, for industrial applications, such as coolant. We have a great deal of experience with filter solutions for the food and beverage industry, and our products are approved by EC 1935/2004 as well as FDA. We also have filters for drinking water.

Gas filtration, we have leading generator technology for manufacturing nitrogen and oxygen, and for filtering all kinds of gas like methane and bio gas.

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