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Billede: 2767 EU

Ultra-Sep oil/water separator

Olie/Vand Separator

The production of compressed air always generates condensate water too. The amount of condensate depends of the size and the number of operating hours of the compressor and can easily range from 10 to 10.000-liter condensate per month. Such condensate water from oil-lubricated compressors may contain up to 2.000 mg oil per liter.

Environmental protection legislation already requires, or will soon require condensate water to be cleaned from oil before it is discharged into the public sewage system. In countries with such legislation for Water Resources Conservation, the limit-value is set at 20 mg oil per liter of condensate water.

If the condensate is not discharged oil-free, it must be collected and treated by an approved waste oil treatment company.

The Ultra-Sep removes the oil from condensate water on efficiently and reliably - by calming the water and utilising a series of coalescence- and activated carbon filters.

The condensate water is now so clean, that it can be discharged into the public sewage system. The oil is being collected in an oil-container and can be handled and disposed separately and safely.

Brand:kodensat UAS

Ultra-Sep 1 Oil-Water Seperator - 1,8 m³/minute

GBP 238,00GBP 224,00
Item no:USEP01
Brand:kodensat UAS

Ultra-Sep 2 Oil-Water Seperato - 2,5 m³/minute

GBP 291,00
Item no:USEP02
Brand:kodensat UAS

Ultra-Sep 3 Oil-Water Seperator - 3,5 m³/minute

GBP 357,00
Item no:USEP03
Brand:kodensat UAS

Ultra-Sep 6 Oil-Water Seperator - 6 m³/minute

GBP 554,00
Item no:USEP06
Brand:kodensat UAS

Ultra-Sep 08 Oil-Water Seperator - 10 m³/minute

GBP 726,00
Item no:USEP08
Brand:kodensat UAS

Ultra-Sep 10 Oil-Water Seperator - 12 m³/minute

GBP 924,00
Item no:USEP10

Model Compressor capacity Connection
m³/h kW In Out
Ultra-Sep 1 1,8 13,0 ½ x3 1"
Ultra-Sep 2 2,5 15,0 ½ x3 1"
Ultra-Sep 3 3,5 22,0 ½ x3 1"
Ultra-Sep 6 6,0 37,0 ½ x4 1"
Ultra-Sep 8 10,0 65,0 ½ x4 1"
Ultra-Sep 10 12,0 75,0 ½ x4 1"