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Ultra-Sep oil/water separator


Condensate purification is necessary

Condensation with an oil content of 5% on average, are potentially harmful to the environment and can not pass into the wastewater without purification. The specified critical value is determined by law to a maximum of 20 ppm (measured according to DIN EN ISO 9377-2). But certain locally encountered regulations are even more restrictive.

Ultra.sep systems for oil / water separation fulfill these requirements, reduce disposal costs and protect the environment.


Features and Benefits

Separation of compressed air condensate regardless of the type of compressor lubricantis used.

For each characteristic, we offer the right solution: 6 models for compressor capacities from 180 m3 to 8400 m3

Any type of compressor may be used.

Any condensate drain can be used.

Does not incorporate / require a condensate settling tank, so there is no build-up of bacteria.

Easy to install.

Simple and quick filter change procedure.

Service drain incorporated for draining the heavier models.

Optical overflow indicator.

Remaining oil content

Test valve and test set included for the purpose of sampling.

Protective clothing supplied as standard




Ultra-Sep 1 Oil-Water Seperator - 1,8 m³/minute

GBP 244,00
Item no:USEP01

Ultra-Sep 2 Oil-Water Seperato - 2,5 m³/minute

GBP 298,00
Item no:USEP02

Ultra-Sep 3 Oil-Water Seperator - 3,5 m³/minute

GBP 366,00
Item no:USEP03

Ultra-Sep 6 Oil-Water Seperator - 6 m³/minute

GBP 569,00
Item no:USEP06

Ultra-Sep 08 Oil-Water Seperator - 10 m³/minute

GBP 745,00
Item no:USEP08

Ultra-Sep 10 Oil-Water Seperator - 12 m³/minute

GBP 948,00
Item no:USEP10