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Breathing Air System for 4 users

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Air-Fed air from the air compressor can be used where there is a low oxygen concentration (less than 17% vol.) Or the ambient air is not suitable for breathing used åndingsluft.


Ultrafilters new breathing air panel with SMF & AK filter (oil and particle filter and carbon filter) is used for filtration of compressed air from the compressor, this product is available in two versions floor stand or wall mounting both with 1-2- or 1-4 end.


WEA has prepared an AT-guidance ang. Compressed air breathing apparatus D. 5.1 by July 2000.


AT manual describes in requirements for breathing air quality. It also commands a check of this (should be at least 1 time per year).


More about the laws surrounding the breathing air here

Billede: 1717 



Users* Inlet Outlet Elements Mounting



SMF 03/10

AK 03/10

Wall brackets

Floor stand


UF Breathing Air Wall-Unit - 4 users

GBP 484,00
Item no:100351

UF Breathing Air Floor-Unit - 4 users

GBP 557,00
Item no:100451

Air heater A39BH (780 l/min) 3/8

GBP 818,00
Item no:W-A39BH

Air heater A39BH (780 l/min) 3/8 incl temp.

GBP 1.001,00
Item no:W-A39TH



Accepted value

Carbom monoxide (CO) 2,5 ppm
Carbon dioxide (CO2)

500 ppm

Water content 700 mg/m3
at athmospheric pressure (1 bar abs, 20°C) 
(purity class 4 acc. ISO 8573-1)
Total oil content (aerosol and vapor)

0,1 mg/m3
(purity class 2 acc. ISO 8573-1)

Nitrogen oxides (NO, NO2)

0,5 ppm
(the sum of nitrogen oxides)

Sulphur dioxide 0,04 ppm
Hydrogen sulphide 0,7 ppm
Organic solvents 0,1 mg/m3
(the sum of organic solvents)
Particulate matter (total dust) 0,5 mg/m3

10.000 units/ml (CFU/ml) in the condensate

Mould 10.000 units/ml (CFU/ml) in the condensate

May not occur

System setup in breathing systems

1. Intake of fresh air zone with coarse filter.
2. Oil-lubricated compressor with integrated intake filter.
2a. Monitoring of the compressor temperature.
3. After cooler cyclone.
4. Particle filter 1 micron.
5. Particle filter 0.01 um.
6. Desiccant.
7. Dust Filter 1 micron.
8. Storage Container ("dry air").
9. Temperature measurement.
10. Double-filter (0.01 micron particle filter and carbon filter).
11. Reducing Valve.
12. Belt Filter. (See also section on carbon filters).
13. The condensate. All condensate must be collected in an oil / water separator for disposal


Product benefits

• The filter housing has automatic drain valve (filter SMF) we recommend Max. inlet temperature of 35 ° C.
• The particle filter removes solid particles larger> 0.01 micron, with life one of about 1 year.
• Carbon filter that removes oil and oil vapor down to 0.003 ppm, life is about 1000 hours
• Reducing Valve w / pressure gauge that adjusts the working pressure manually
• Max pressure 10 bar, normal working pressure 4-5 bar