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Compact Adsorption Dryer UDC


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Ultrafilter offers 17 different standard adsorption dryers with different functions and types with a significant energy savings thanks to its stand-by mode, dew point controlled adsorption dryers. Furthermore our adsorption dryer meet all requirements for maintenance to assure maximum performance and ease of use.

The extremely compact design that can be installed both vertically and horizontally, is very compact and contains a complete filtration package with both pre-and post-filter and condensate drain.

The removable front panel allows easy access to all parts.


Why drying compressed air?

Compressed air is used in almost all areas of industrial manufacturing as a source of energy or processing. Compressed air needs to be dry, oilfree and clean in order to prevent costly production downtimes and losses in the production quality. The atmospheric air drawn in contains harmful substances, dirt particles and moisture in the form of water vapour, which condenses in compressed air pipes and can lead to considerable damages (corrosion, freezing etc.).


Ultra.dry compact

The integrated prefilter retaines particles and condensate up to a residual oil content of 0,03 ppm. Condensates are drained securely and efficiently by an integrated condensate drain. The subsequent adsorption dryer removes moisture from the compressed air up to a pressure dew point of -40°C. Regeneration and drying is made in two parallel installed vessels. Dust particles out of the desiccant is retained in the included afterfilter.



Adsorption: UDC007 - 117 l/min - 3/8"

GBP 1.837,00
Item no:320004

Adsorption: UDC010 - 167 l/min - 3/8"

GBP 1.944,00
Item no:320008

Adsorption: UDC014 - 233 l/min - 3/8"

GBP 1.998,00
Item no:320012

Adsorption: UDC017 - 283 l/min - 3/8"

GBP 2.087,00
Item no:320016

Adsorption: UDC026 - 433 l/min - 3/8"

GBP 2.187,00
Item no:320020

Adsorption: UDC038 - 633 l/min - 3/8"

GBP 2.484,00
Item no:320024

Adsorption: UDC056 - 933 l/min - 3/8"

GBP 2.786,00
Item no:320028