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The Ultrafilter Group

Ultrafilter Group

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Compressed Air

Compressed air contains water, oil and particles, therefore it is a good idea to filter your air before it is used. The quality of the compressed air depends on how and where to use compressed air. Ultrafilter offers all types of filtration.

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There are filtering solutions for both large and small productions of everything from the beverage, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic chemical products. Filter housings in stainless steel for high and low flow.

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Ultrafilter offers highly economical nitrogen generator and systems from small nitrogen generator units to large tonnage nitrogen plants suitable for refining, chemical processing and other applications.

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Drinking Water

If you have problems with particles or ocher in your drinking water, a water filter is a good and cost effective solution to the problem. We have our own range of water filters in high quality.

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The Ultrafilter Group manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of premium filtration products for the purification of compressed air, liquids and technical gases.


Our competence and distribution centers are based throughout Europe, Asia and America. We provide local application advise and product availability.


With the superior performance and high quality of premium products manufactured by Ultrafilter GmbH in Germany, many world renowned, market leading companies have made Ultrafilter GmbH their first choice for the purification of compressed air, technical gases and liquids.


Our passion to design and manufacture innovative products is the guarantee for cost effective reliable filtration solutions.


New liquid filters for food and industrial stainless steel

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Service kits for Domnick Hunter and Zander dryer

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Filters for compressor brands

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Total Filtration Management

Ultrafilter manufactures filter solutions to replace and upgrade filter elements for all other brands of compressed air filters, liquid filters including filter bags, depth filters, membrane filters and surface filters suitable for housings in all sizes or connection types.


For every application, Ultrafilter has the right choice of first fit equipment, this includes Stainless steel filter housing for all types of filtration of liquid and water, for compressed air, the broad range of products, such as refrigeration dryers, adsorption dryers, membrane dryers, condensate management and sterile air filters for the food and beverage industry completes our total filtration portfolio.


Ultrafilter manufactures one of the best onsite generators for producing nitrogen and oxygen, we have also specialized in the design and fabrication of purification systems for natural and Biogas.

All filters are manufactured by Ultrafilter GmbH in Germany in accordance to EC 1935/2004 and FDA regulations, quality certified according to ISO 9001-2015.


House hold drinking water purification is of increasing importance for a healthy life style. Ultrafilter provides an easy plug-in system to ensure pure healthy home drinking water directly from the tap.

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